How Vipps, one of Norway’s largest fintech companies, attract top talent using stories

Candidates not only want to read about what you can offer – they want to see it. And the best way to show is through videos on your career page.

Why Gobi Stories' Video Story Technology is Exempt from Cookie Consent Requirements

Say goodbye to cookie consent requirements with Gobi Stories' innovative video player. Enjoy a seamless and engaging video experience for your website visitors, all while keeping their privacy protected.
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Why Using Video and Employee Testimonials is Crucial for Employer Branding

Using video and employee testimonials is crucial for successful employer branding. Videos engage viewers and offer an authentic glimpse into the company's culture and work environment. Employee testimonials increase credibility and showcase the company's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. By using these elements in your employer branding, you can attract top talent and create a positive image of your company.
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Vålerenga partner up with Gobi to use stories for sports fan engagement

Vålerenga Fotball Elite started using Gobi Stories to boost fan engagement on their own platform, leveraging the authenticity and low production barrier of the story format.
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Gobi Stories enters the US market with Barnard College onboard!

We're super happy to have our first US customer - Barnard College - join the Gobi Family. After having successfully implemented Gobi Technologies as part of their marketing efforts, they are able to showcase "all things Barnard" - and why it's a really great place to study.
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Product update: You can now add subtitles to your stories

It’s finally here. The feature you have requested the most – the feature that for the first time ever lets you add subtitles to your story without the need of third party video editing tools.
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Product update: Automatically center your story thumbnail

We're super excited to introduce our newest feature – face detection for automatically centering story thumbnails!
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