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Create story
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Sign into

Create a new story.

Upload short videos and images to your story.

Publish the story.

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Add Gobi to your CMS
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Sign in to Teamtailor with a user that has the role "Company Admin" .

Click the Content tab in the top menu.

Click the paintbrush icon to edit the global design.

Scroll down and paste this script code snippet into 'Custom Javascript':

Click 'Save'.

Click 'Publish' to publish changes.

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Customize code snippet
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Open the Code editor by clicking the “Add to Website” button.

To make the snippet work in Teamtailor click “Show Advanced”, scroll down to “Code Style” and select “Gobi Discover Classes”.

Customize the look of the Bubble to fit your design.

Copy the generated code snippet.

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Add Gobi Stories into your Job listings and careers page
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Add stories as HTML by pasting in the generated code from step 3 and publish your changes.

Note that in Teamtailor, in order to save your Job listing you must leave the HTML view in the editor before pressing save (TeamTailor will remind you of this when editing the HTML).

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