Employee Generated Video Testimonials

We believe employee videos can transform how you connect with the right candidates. That's why we created Gobi ‚Äď a platform for creating, editing, administrating, and publishing video stories
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With the Gobi Platform you can access our powerful story editing and administatration tool, in addition to our custom video player tailor made to display stories on all platforms in the story format. These can simply be copy pasted into both job listings and career pages to give candidates a look into your company.

Filmed with mobile phones

Using employees in the recruitment efforts is super easy. Everything you need is an employee and a mobile phone.

Let the employees film themselves

You will be surprised with the quality of the content and the stories that are being told my the employees

Use our story-guide

You can see our story guide here, full of tips, tricks and real life examples of how good Employee Testimonial stories are made

Get inspired in a meeting

Contact us if you want help to get startede creating authentic career videos with the Gobi platform

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No need for any video editing tools. Make simple changes by trimming or cutting directly in the platform

Add subtitles within seconds with AI 

95-100% accuracy, and errors can be corrected on the go

Brand the content with logos, fonts and the right colors

Full support within the platform to make it look like your own

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Just copy the code from your story and paste it where you want it to appear on the website

Gobi Stories are integrated with most ATS

Use Employee Testimonials directly in your job listings to increase the engagement

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Wider√łes success with Gobi Stories

We emphasize presenting our workplace and employees in an authentic manner. Through Gobi Stories, we've discovered a straightforward and cost-effective method to achieve this. Our employees are now able to create great content that genuinely represents the company's values while saving money.
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Everyday live being showcased daily

See how companies are using Gobi Stories

Wider√łe are using Gobi Storie to showcase the width of what you can work with, from internal IT projects and mechanics to cabin crew and pilots. By doing this, candidates have a much better understanding of why they should choose Wider√łe over other airlines.

Cost efficient video production

Engaging career page

Authentic Employer Branding

To showcase the diversity within a media house like Amedia, they've sent out four questions to employees across various fields of expertise. This approach offers a quick and easy insight into their daily lives. These employee stories are extremely cost-effective to produce, yet they are far more engaging and interactive than traditional text-based interviews.

Digital window into the company

Increased visibility in search engines

Genuine information

To assist candidates visiting their career pages, OBOS has chosen to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. This allows visitors to quickly gain insights into what OBOS does, what it's like to be new there, and the development opportunities available to employees. It's a quick and easy way to enhance the candidate journey with three simple videos, where individuals can choose what interests them the most.

Increased view time of 2 minutes

Increased engagement on job listings

Engaging career pages

Employer branding

Want to make more out of your job listings?

Are we truly able to showcase what it's like to work here through traditional text based job listings? Usually not, and we end up using the same words over and over again. With Gobi, you can engage the candidates with job specific video stories.

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