Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to add stories to my website?
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No, you can simply copy paste a code snippet when you’re done with your story. It’s as easy as adding a Youtube-video.

What does it cost?
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You can see our pricing models here.

Can we track the performance of the stories?
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Yes, you can get access to our analytics tool directly in the story creator. You can also add event listeners to your Google Analytics.

Are you GDPR compliant?
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Yes, you can read more about that here.

What can stories be used for?
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Everything from career videos to editorial content or product reviews. The story format is super agile, and can contain any type of video that you would normally put in a traditional video.

Who own the content we upload?
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You. This is regulated through our data processing agreement. You own the rights to the content, and you can delete it from our story tools whenever you want.

What are the benefits of the story format?
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Oh, that is a lot. We have actually written a full article about it, which you can read here. The highlights: More views: More mobile friendly, which is important since a lot of the website traffic come from mobile browsers. This results in better conversion and more satisfied visitors.Cheaper: Easier to create content, resulting in cheaper video production.

How long will a story exist?
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We have no limits, but we suggest that each clip/snap in a story is shorter than 15 seconds, and that the story itself should contain up to 15 snaps. This usually results in better viewing numbers and completion rates.

Can stories from Gobi be implemented in our CMS
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Yes, a lot of our customers have created modules to quickly add stories. We have implementation examples for the most popular CMSes such as Episerver.

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