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How Vipps, one of Norway’s largest fintech companies, attract top talent using stories

Written by
Kristoffer H. Kingsrød
Published on
March 27, 2024

Finding the right candidate for your job listing is hard. Especially when the competition for the best talent is getting tougher and tougher. Candidates not only want to read about what you can offer – they want to see it. And the best way to show is through videos on your career page. 

Recruitment has moved on from the days when you posted a job ad and hoped the right candidate would spot it. The increasingly tough competition for the best candidates means that organizations have to use more modern technologies to attract the most qualified talent looking for a job.

This is exactly what Vipps did when partnering up with Gobi Stories. By using stories for their recruitment videos, they give potential candidates the feeling of what it would be like to work there even before applying. 

Giving a sense of the company culture just through text is a challenge, and even in a one-to-one interview, it can be hard for a candidate to get a real sense of it. Using stories for recruitment sets the tone of the business from the very beginning, letting the viewer quickly decide whether the culture fits their profile.

"We use Gobi Stories to attract the top talent for our job listings. Stories enable us to both show candidates who they will work with and what they will work on. We get to answer the most frequent questions from candidates considering applying for a job at Vipps, making sure everyone knows what it’s like to work here."

Stories for recruitment can also make your company more attractive to future candidates. If several employees tell through stories how they enjoy working with you, how exciting the projects are and how fun the last company retreat was, chances are you end up with a company everyone wants to work for.

In short, stories benefit everyone from the candidate and the hirer to your company;

For the candidate, stories provide a visual representation of what it’s actually like to work at your company, enticing them to apply for your job.

For the hirer, stories increase the probability for a candidate to stay after signing since they already know what to expect. The hirer is also able to publish more video content as stories are cheaper to produce than traditional video.

For the company, stories send a clear message to your target market that your employees genuinely enjoy working there, increasing the trust among other candidates.

So before we wrap up this article, we once again want to thank Vipps for choosing Gobi as their main video tool for recruitment. Our whole team wishes them good luck in finding the top candidates.

If you are interested in learning more about videos for recruitment, check out our best tips here!

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