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Why Gobi Stories' Video Story Technology is Exempt from Cookie Consent Requirements

Written by
Kristoffer Lande
Published on
April 4, 2024

In the age of privacy and data protection, companies must be transparent about the data they collect and how it is used. This is why cookie consent has become a common practice for many websites. However, not all technology that is embedded on a website requires cookie consent.

Here at Gobi Stories, we have a strong focus on privacy. Our video story technology allows website owners to embed videos that showcase their employees, products or services in an engaging and interactive way. The good news for website owners is that the Gobi Stories video player does not collect any data that is required to get consent for. This means that website owners can embed the video player without having to worry about the added hassle and confusion of cookie consent.

The reason why Gobi Stories is exempt from cookie consent requirements is simple: the video player does not collect any personal data or tracking information about the website visitors. The player only serves the purpose of displaying videos on the website, and does not collect any data that would require consent under privacy laws such as GDPR or CCPA.

CookieGuard.no are domain experts on Cookie Consent, and handle user consent on behalf of a lot of Norwegian companies. They have chosen Gobi as the video player for their website, and have the following to say: 

"Gobi Stories is the perfect video storytelling platform for businesses concerned about user privacy and GPDR. CookieGuard.no helps Norwegian companies navigate the GDPR privacy regulations and user consent on their websites. We guide many of our customers to solutions for website analytics that do not collect personal data, thus removing the requirement for collecting user consent (the “cookie popup”). We chose Gobi Stories for our video storytelling and keep recommending the product to our customers."

- Øyvind Østmo, Agency Manager

In conclusion, the Gobi Stories video player is a safe and convenient way for website owners to showcase their brand story and products without having to worry about cookie consent requirements. So, you can rest assured that the data and your visitors' data is safe and secure when using our video story technology.

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