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Gobi Stories enters the US market with Barnard College onboard!

Written by
Kristoffer Lande
Published on
March 27, 2024

We're super happy to have our first US customer - Barnard College - join the Gobi Family. After having successfully implemented Gobi Stories as part of their marketing efforts, they are able to showcase "all things Barnard" - and why it's a really great place to study.

Student recruitment is a well-known challenge for many universities. Not only are they competing with other local or regional universities; over 5 million students choose to study abroad. At the same time, many are unsure of what they want to study. Some simply have no idea of what they want to be when they grow up, while others struggle to choose between different majors/courses. Stories can especially play a role in getting the right student to the right place. Potential applicants can gain a unique insight into what everyday life as a student at the various study programs is like, and further assess whether this is something that suits them or whether they would rather study something else. Stories can help make the choice for potential applicants easier, and the likelihood of more motivated students also increases significantly.

Barnard has used Gobi to help convey their own story to their potential students. Through Gobi's story platform teachers are able to introduce themselves and briefly let the students in on the content of their courses, bringing a personal touch to any potential applicants considering taking their classes. We are super excited to see Barnard take full advantage of the story format and communicate through short format videos to peak student interest, rather than just listing course objectives in a downloadable pdf. This is also perceived as more authentic, and has been proven to increase engagement.

"We've really enjoyed working with Gobi. It has let us showcase the different course offerings and also give potential students insights into life at the college"

One of the many great things about Gobi and the story format is that it can be created by almost anyone, even without prior video editing experience - making the platform very user-friendly and fun to work with. By sharing relevant information and content about the university programs, life on campus and work opportunities, the potential students may have just enough information to decide on the right courses that will help shape their future.

We thank Barnard College for choosing Gobi and look forward to continuing this great journey!

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