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Create a story
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Sign into

Create a new story.

Upload short videos and images to your story.

Publish the story - remember to write down the story ID next to the story title, you will need this for later!

Add story to job ad in Talent Recruiter
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Access Talent Recruiter by logging in with your credentials.

Navigate to your list of recruitment projects.

Select the project you wish to edit and click on the edit option.

Within the project, locate the job ad you intend to edit and click on the pencil icon on the right side of the job ad to enter edit mode.

In the job ad editor, switch to the "Source" view from the menu.

Insert the following code snippet at the desired location (remember to change the story-ID):

NB! The step above has to be done every time publishing or re-publishing a listing. Stories will disappear from the editor after publishing, which means they will disappear when publishing the listing again. After you've added the code and published the code will be removed and you have to add it again if you want it to be updated

To edit the story design, change the following:

  • data-gobi-bubble-size="Set the story size here"
  • data-gobi-color="Set color code here"
  • data-gobi-animated-bubble="true or false"
  • data-gobi-show-play-icon="true or false"  
  • data-gobi-align="left, right or center"  
  • data-gobi-auto-start-with-sound="true or false"

Well done, you have now added a story to your job listing! 

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