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Create a story
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Create a new story.

Upload short videos and images to your story.

Publish the story.

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Add Gobi’s Story plugin to your WordPress site.
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The easiest way to use Stories within WordPress is by installing our plugin.

Go to the dashboard, click plugins and add new.

Search for Gobi and click install and activate.

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Style and export story code
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Open the Code editor in Gobi Studio by clicking the “Add to Website” button.

Customize the look of the Bubble to fit your design.

Copy the bottom part of the generated code snippet.

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Add Gobi Stories into your page
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Inside your WordPress editor, find a HTML Widget. 

Paste in the generated code from step 3 and apply the changes. 

Stories should now be visible in the preview of your page.

If you you can't find a way to add HTML in your WordPress editor, you can also use short codes as described here.

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