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Create a story
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Sign into

Create a new story.

Upload short videos and images to your story.

Publish the story.

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Style and export story code
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Open the Code editor in Gobi’s Story Manager by clicking the “Add to Website” button.

Customize the look of the Bubble to fit your brand.

Copy the bottom part of the generated code snippet.

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Integrate Gobi Stories into your Episerver Website
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Ask your developers to create a simple integration for Gobi in your system. This step is only required once.

  • Add Gobi globally to your page by putting this script tag in head. This will import Gobi and run Gobi.Discover() that will search for Story-tags on the page.
  • Make them  create a module in your CMS to let you add Gobi StoryIDs.
  • Send them your code snippet generated in step 2, and ask them to automatically insert your StoryID added in the CMS into this snippet and place it on the website. If not sure about styling, use our default styling found below.
  • If they want more information about how to do this or know more about our options, they can check out our documentation.

Add Gobi Stories into your page
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Find your story ID in Gobi’s Story Manager and add that in the new story field in the CMS.

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