Integration Guides 

Gobi works with most modern content platforms and websites. Find an integration guide for your system.
Create a CMS Module
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Make a custom module in the CMS that allows users to enter the Gobi Story IDs and edit key properties like size and color of the story bubbles. See all options and full documentation here

Add Gobi placeholder tag to website
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Include the values collected from the user in step 1, and place these within the Gobi placeholder tag on your website where you want the stories to be displayed. Se what this typically looks like, and recommended options in the code snippet below.

Load script and call our code
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Load our script and call our code to create the Bubbles. This can be done by adding the snippet below to your page globally.

Create story
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Sign into

Create a new story.

Upload short videos and images to your story.

Publish the story

Share story
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Find your Story ID within and paste it into your new Gobi CMS module.

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