Integration Guides 

Gobi works with most modern content platforms and websites. Find an integration guide for your system.
Create story
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Sign into

Create a new story.

Upload short videos and images to your story.

Publish the story.

Customize code snippet
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Open the Code editor by clicking the “Add to Website” button.

Customize the look of the Bubble to fit your design.

Copy the generated code snippet.

Add stories to your app with Choicely
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Your Gobi stories will be added into native content, these are called “Articles” in Choicely app builder. First, create an article. On the left side of the article view, choose “Web” and drag the element to the center of the screen.

Make sure this Web element remains selected. Go to the right side of the screen, select “Embed” and paste the Gobi Stories Embed code to the box.

Finalize your article by adding a thumbnail of your article that contains the Gobi Stories. The thumbnail will be shown in your content feeds.

Switch to editing the thumbnail in the tab in the middle of the screen. Create the thumbnail by dragging and dropping content into the middle, just like with the article itself. Finally, click save!

Well done!

You can now add cool social media style stories to your no code app with Gobi! You can add these native articles into content feeds or use them into your bottom menu or in screens and side menus. If you want to add the article to a feed right away, refresh your browser so it will appear in the article list.

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