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Video increases engagement.
Use our story tools to share more video with less effort. Upload short videos and images to our production platform, share on your own page without coding

Upload files

Our upload tool lets you upload short videos and images to each story. Batch upload lets you upload all at once. To let everyone view your stories, the content will not disappear from the story before you delete it.

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Edit story

Add text, stickers and links to each chapter. You could also upload your own image files as stickers, to include your company branding in the story.

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Customize look

Edit the look of the Bubble to make it look perfect on your page. Check some of the options underneath:

Example story
Stroke color
Show play icon
Show gif animation
Show story name

Add to page

Gobi works with most modern content platforms and websites without the need of coding. Check our integration guides to check how stories could be added to your plattform.


Publish your story when ready,  and it will be live on your page within minutes. Don’t worry about disappearing content. The story will exist until you delete it.

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