How to create great content for your Gobi story

Kristoffer Lande
September 27, 2021

Companies are getting a lot more creative and interactive with their marketing-strategy, and the concept of stories is highly efficient in today's competitive market. Stories enable companies to interact with potential clients or customers in an easy way, and provide viewers with interesting and entertaining content. To succeed with creating a great story, you should have three key factors in mind: Content, Production and Testing.


Genuine content: A great story is one that truly creates an honest relationship with its viewers. Try to be as transparent and genuine as possible, and show passion for what you want to convey.

Message: The message in your story should reflect your genuine excitement for what you want to promote. We recommend that you spend some time and effort to think about what message you want to deliver to your viewers. You want to make sure you´re targeting the right audience for your product or service, and that the message is carefully planned and designed to engage as many people within your target group as possible.

Entertain: Keep in mind that those who visit your page have few seconds to form a first impression of you and your products/services. This is your chance to capture the audience and express what makes you and your company unique. Be creative, don’t be afraid to use everyday-language, and dare to stand out. In Story Creator, you also have the possibility to add elements to your story, making the story more interesting and entertaining for viewers.


Video: Making a video for your story will engage the viewer in a higher scale than with a photo combined with a text. You will connect with the viewer on a personal level and this connection will create engagement.

Enjoy being in front of the camera: We highly suggest that if you are not comfortable with being in front of the camera, try to cooperate with someone who prefer to be in the spotlight. The key is to create a natural environment to the delivery of the message, after all, the focus is the delivery and not keeping your cool in front of the camera.

Attention Span: The attention span of the average story is about 8 seconds, which means creating a short and informative delivery is crucial to gain engagement. You can make your story a lot longer, but always remember to engage and create excitement within the first 8 seconds of your story.

Record yourself or outsource to a bureau who specializes in this type of videos: Record the story yourself if possible, this will give you the right angles and lengths that you have in mind, but you could also «outsource» (i.e. Make someone else to do this specific task). Firms and bueraus who specializes in these tasks will often charge for their service.

Testing and feedback

Feedback: Before posting, consider showing the story to others to figure out if the message is conveyed as intended. Is the information useful for the viewers, or are there specifics you forgot to mention? Feel free to create some tests to see which one suits the purpose best.

t several opinions and inputs from others enables you to reflect on how you can improve your story, and is key if you want your story to engage the audience.

Make necessary adjustments: Be open to make necessary adjustments to the story after receiving feedback. When you are happy with the result, you are ready to publish!

We hope that you have found some inspiration and wish you good luck with your story creations.