How to post stories on websites

Kristoffer Lande
September 27, 2021

Digital tools are becoming an increasingly important part of companies' marketing strategy and can be crucial to success. In today's digital world, the consumers decide what they want to see, when they want to see it and how they want to see it. This is also the reason why stories often come through the eye of the needle in a giant sea of ​​content. Continue reading to see how you can use stories on your website 

How do you post a story to your website?

Posting a story to your website is easier than you might think. Stories can easily be uploaded using our Story Creator, and can be added to any website by copying / pasting an embed code - just as you would add a Youtube video.

Add a story in three steps: 

1. Upload your story in Story Creator and write an appropriate title. It is possible to upload both image and video.

2. Add elements to your story. For example, text, links or other stickers.

3. Add the story to your website. Copy/paste the embed code.

You can repeat this for each story you want to post – and ad as many stories as you´d like. The advantage of stories versus regular video format is that stories take up less space on the website. They appear as small circles that opens in full-screen mode when you click on it. 

Why use stories on your website?

Stories are very user-friendly – both for creator and viewer. Did you know that you can "tap" back and forth so that you don't have to rewind? Most people are familiar with this way of navigating from other social media, such as Instagram. For that reason, stories are also more mobile-friendly than conventional videos. Today, over 50% use their mobile phone instead of a computer when they visit websites, but don’t worry - stories are also perfectly adapted for computer viewing. 

Stories are specially designed to create engaging and creative content that can contribute to the website's marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to use everyday-language, and dare to stand out - What makes you and your company unique? With stories, you have the opportunity to be personal and show what is going on behind the scenes, and in that way achieve a more authentic content and stand out from the crowd. It also makes the website more interactive, making it a more pleasant experience for visitors.

When using videos on your website, stories will provide better conversion at a lower cost. Almost anyone can make a story, and therefore the production cost is lower than with conventional videos. You can set up a profile and get started in minutes, and with a few steps you have acquired a tool for actively participating and publishing content on multiple websites. Did you know that you have the ability to reuse content previously published on Instagram?

Stories are not only easy and affordable to get started with, they also help with brand building by offering visitors a unique insight into what the website wants to convey - whether it is a product or service. Visitors are often looking for more information, and instead of flooding the website with lots of text, you can reach out with a simple and short video.

If a picture says more than a thousand words, a video says at least a million? With video, you can showcase your products in a more creative way and promote the company's products "live".

In these times, most of website-activity takes place via the phone. It is therefore important to facilitate the marketing activities to make them as compatible as possible for mobile use. A lot of user activity happens “on the go”, and short videos is therefore preferable to long informative texts.