Partnership with Spætt

Gobi har inngått et partnership med Spætt, som muliggjør rask og profesjonell story-produksjon for kunder i Trondheims-området.

How to use stories for student recruitment

Stories can especially play a role in getting the right student to the right place. Potential applicants can gain a unique insight into what everyday life as a student at the various study programs is like, and further assess whether this is something that suits them or whether they would rather study something else.

How to post stories on websites

Posting a story to your website is easier than you might think. Stories can easily be uploaded using our Story Creator, and can be added to any website by copying / pasting an embed code - just as you would add a Youtube video.

How to create great content for your Gobi story

When creating a story, one thing is absolute the most important. That is the message you want the reader to get. Always when creating a story you should start to figure out what you want to tell the viewer.